Affiliated Faculty


Ruth Tringham

Professor Emerita

Archaeology of Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Alexei Yurchak


Late socialist and post-Soviet culture


Greg Castillo

Associate Professor of Architecture

The influence of the cold war on design discourses; postwar visions of urban reconstruction

Comparative Literature

Robert P. Hughes

Professor Emeritus (joint appointment with Slavic)

Russian modernism, Soviet and emigre literature, comparative literature

Eric Naiman

Professor (joint appointment with Slavic)

19th- and 20th-century Russian literature and culture

Harsha Ram

Associate Professor (joint appointment with Slavic)

18th and 19th century Russian literature and imperial expansion, Russia and Eurasia, the Russian avant-garde


Eugene Hammel

Professor Emeritus

East European peasant society, demography


Yuriy Gorodnichenko Quantedge Presidential Professor Macroeconomics, econometrics, international economics, development economics

Gérard Roland

E. Morris Cox Professor of Economics and Professor of Political Science

Soviet economic system, transition economics


Julia Bader

Professor Emerita

Nabokov, modern women writers, 20th-century American literature

Steven Lee

Associate Professor

Twentieth-century American literature and history; Cold War cultures

Film Studies

Anne Nesbet

Professor (joint appointment with Slavic)

Sergei Eisenstein, silent film, Soviet film


Vesna Rodic

Lecturer and Coordinator of Second-Year Language Program

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language; South Slavic Literature, Folklore, and Culture


Melanie Feakins

Visiting Assistant Professor and Research Associate

Offshore outsourcing to Russia, IT & software globalisation, urban transformation in St. Petersburg


John Connelly

Professor and Director of ISEEES

Eastern and East Central Europe, 20th-century Europe

Dzovinar Derderian

Visiting Lecturer and Interim Executive Director of the Armenian Studies Program

19th-century socio-cultural history of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians on the Ottoman-Russian borderlands

Victoria Frede

Associate Professor

Imperial Russian history

Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Associate Professor

Late modern European history

Christine M. Philliou

Associate Professor

post-classical Ottoman History, 18th-20th c. Balkans and Middle East, Post-Ottoman World, Modern Greece and Turkey. politics and literature

Rebekah Ramsay

Assistant Professor

Soviet History, with a focus on Central Asia; the effects of the Soviet 'cultural revolution' in Kazakhstan, specifically Kazakh pastoralist communities

Yuri Slezkine

Professor Emeritus

Soviet and European history

History of Art

Diliana Angelova

Associate Professor

Early Christian and Byzantine Art

Aglaya Glebova

Assistant Professor

Modernism and socialist realism in the visual arts; Soviet avant-garde; photography

Boalt School of Law

Richard M. Buxbaum

The Jackson H. Ralston Professor of International Law (Emeritus)

International trade relations, socialist enterprise law


Gašper Beguš

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Phonology, phonetics, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, Indo-European

Darya Kavitskaya

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Slavic, Turkic, Uralic; phonology and phonetics, historical phonology


Richard Taruskin

Professor Emeritus

Russian music, 19th-century Russian musical realism

Near Eastern Studies

Sanjyot Mehendale


Near Eastern Archaeology and Art, Central Asia, the Silk Road

Political Science

George W. Breslauer

Professor Emeritus; Professor of the Graduate School

Soviet and post-Soviet politics and foreign policy

M. Steven Fish


Soviet and post-Soviet politics, comparative politics

Andrew C. Janos

Professor Emeritus

East European and comparative politics

Jason Wittenberg


Comparative politics of Eastern Europe, fascist and communist movements in interwar Eastern Europe

Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy

Michael Nacht

The Thomas and Alison Schneider Professor of Public Policy

US national security policy, international affairs, management strategies for public organizations

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Ronelle Alexander

Distinguished Professor Emerita

South Slavic and Balkan Slavic language, linguistics, folklore, literature, and culture

Polina Barskova

Assistant Professor

Russian literature

Myrna Douzjian

Continuing Lecturer

Armenian Language, Literature, and Culture; Russian literature

David A. Frick

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Polish language and literature, comparative Slavic literature

Nataliia Goshylyk


Ukrainian Language

Luba Golburt

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Slavic

18th- and 19th-century Russian literature

Joan D. Grossman

Professor Emerita

19th-century Russian literature, Russian symbolism

Olga Raevsky Hughes

Professor Emerita

Old Russian literature, 19th- and 20th-century Russian literature

Robert P. Hughes

Professor Emeritus (joint appointment with Comparative Literature)

Russian modernism, Soviet and émigré literature, comparative literature

Robyn Jensen

Assistant Teaching Professor

Russian Literature

Zachary Johnson


Russian Literature

Darya Kavitskaya

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advisor

Slavic and General Linguistics, Historical Slavic linguistics and morpho-phonology.

Olga Matich

Professor Emerita; Professor of the Graduate School

19th- and 20th-century Russian literature and culture

Eric Naiman

Professor (joint appointment with Comparative Literature)

19th- and 20th-century Russian literature and culture

Anne Nesbet

Professor (joint appointment with Film Studies)

Russian modernism and early Soviet literature and culture, Soviet film

Johanna Nichols

Professor Emerita (Affiliate Professor Emerita of Linguistics) and Professor of the Graduate School

Slavic linguistics, languages of the former Soviet Union

Irina Paperno

Distinguished Professor Emerita; Professor of the Graduate School

19th- and 20th-century Russian literature; Russian intellectual and cultural history; History of experience

Djordje Popović

Assistant Professor

South Slavic literature and culture, comparative literature

Antje Postema

Continuing Lecturer

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language

Harsha Ram

Associate Professor

18th and 19th century Russian literature and imperial expansion, Russia and Eurasia, the Russian avant-garde

Walter Schamschula

Professor Emeritus, Professor of the Graduate School

Czech language and literature, comparative Slavic linguistics

Éva Soós Szőke

Continuing Lecturer

Hungarian language

Alan Timberlake

Professor Emeritus

Slavic linguistics, Czech literature, Old Russian literature

Edward Tyerman

Assistant Professor

Russian Literature

Oksana Willis

Lecturer and Russian Language Coordinator

Russian language

Katarzyna Zacha

Continuing Lecturer

Polish language


Victoria E. Bonnell

Professor Emerita

Soviet and post-Soviet society and culture, revolution, labor history

Michael Burawoy


Labor, methodology, capitalism on earth

Dylan Riley


Historical sociology, political sociology

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