Articles on the Caucasus and Central Asia

By UC Berkeley Faculty, Academic Staff, Graduate Students, and Visiting Scholars

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 George W. Breslauer, Dean of Social Sciences and Professor, Department of Political Science

 Adrienne Edgar, Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1999; Department of History, UC Santa Barbara

 Gail W. Lapidus, Senior Fellow, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University

 Sanjyot Mehendale, Program Coordinator, CCAsP

  • "Central Asia Palimpsest: Reemerging Identities and New Global Imprints" 2000, coauthored with Professor Lewis Lancaster, East Asian Languages
    —Read it on the Institute of International Studies site

 Johanna Nichols, Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

 Vadim Volkov, Visiting Scholar, Fall 2001; European University, St. Petersburg

 Edward W. Walker, Executive Director of BPS and Lecturer, Department of Political Science

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  • Working Paper Series for the following:
    • Abrahamian, Levon Hm. Mother Tongue: Linguistic Nationalism and the Cult of Translation in Postcommunist Armenia. 1998.
    • Alieva, Leila. Reshaping Eurasia: Foreign Policy Stategies and Leadership Assets in Post-Soviet South Caucasus. 2000.
    • Astourian, Stephan H. From Ter-Petrosian to Kocharian: Leadership Change in Armenia. 2000.
    • Kurtsikidze, Shorena and Vakhtang Chikovani. Georgia's Pankisi Gorge: An Ethnographic Survey. 2002.
    • Nodia, Ghia. Causes and Visions of Conflict in Abkhazia. 1997.
    • Ram, Harsha. Prisoners of the Caucasus: Literary Myths and Media Representations of the Chechen Conflict. 1999.
    • Walker, Edward W. Russia's Soft Underbelly: The Stability of Instability in Dagestan. 2000.
    • 1999 Caucasus Conference Report: State Building and the Reconstruction of Shattered Societies
    • 1998 Caucasus Conference Report: The Geopolitics of Oil, Gas, and Ecology in the Caucasus and Caspian Basin.
    • 1997 Caucasus Conference Report: Institutions, Identity, and Ethnic Conflict: International Experience and Its Implications for the Caucasus.