Degree Programs at Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts

Undergraduates at Berkeley may earn a BA in Slavic Languages and Literatures within one of three groups: Language Skills, Literature, or Context. The major can be in Slavic, Russian, Czech, Polish or Serbian/Croatian. In addition, a new interdisciplinary major in Russian/East European/Eurasian Cultures was added to the Slavic Department in fall 2000. Alternatively, undergraduates may pursue an interest in the Slavic and East European area in conjunction with work toward the BA in departments such as Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology. Students may also choose to pursue an Interdisciplinary Field Studies Major which allows coursework in a wide range of social science and humanities fields. The course selections are made on the basis of a unifying principle, the “Area of Concentration,” which can be, for example, Russian Area Studies. Questions concerning this major should be directed to the Division of Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies, 301 Campbell Hall, (510) 642-0108.

Graduate Degrees

MA and PhD degree programs with emphasis on the region may be pursued in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures or in any academic department in which the Center’s affiliated faculty is represented.

Concurrent MA in International and Area Studies

A concurrent MA degree is offered for students who wish to combine training in a professional school with an MA in Area Studies, including our world area (for example, the School of Journalism or School of Law). Each MA program is shaped in consultation with faculty to meet the needs of the individual student. Students seeking information or application forms for graduate study should direct their inquiries to the graduate secretary of the relevant department or school.

Certificate in Russian and East European Studies

ISEEES sponsors a Certificate in Russian and East European Studies, which is awarded in conjunction with a graduate degree to students who fulfill the relevant requirements. The Certificate is designed to serve students in the social sciences and humanities who wish to broaden their knowledge of the area. It requires approximately one additional year of work beyond the MA or PhD and mastery of one area language. Enrollment in the Certificate program is arranged through ISEEES, after the student’s arrival at Berkeley.