BPS Fellowships

Deadlines and application procedures for most BPS fellowships and grants are announced in early March. Applications for BPS International Field Research Grants are accepted on a rolling basis at least two weeks prior to departure. During the fall semester, the executive director holds a meeting to explain the BPS fellowship competition, present information about outside funding sources, provide helpful hints, and suggest strategies for grant applications.

To be considered for BPS funding, the student must submit a research proposal (or a plan of study for graduate training fellowships), a budget, and a letter of recommendation from his/her faculty advisor.

The program offers the following types of fellowships:

  1. Graduate Training Fellowships
    For affiliated graduate students at the pre-dissertation stage of their graduate studies may apply. Graduate Training Fellowships are awarded for half a year or a full year. May be used toward tuition and/or fees, maximum award of $15,000.
  2. Dissertation Fellowships
    For affiliated graduate students who have advanced to candidacy may apply. These fellowships are awarded for half a year or a full year. May be used toward tuition and/or fees, maximum award of $15,000.
  3. Summer Language Training Fellowships
    Offered for the study of one of the languages of the former Soviet Union or East Central Europe, either in the US or abroad, during the summer to affiliated graduate students. Limited to a $3500 maximum.
  4. Summer Field Research Grants
    Limited to a $3500 maximum and are awarded for short research trips that contribute to the dissertation. Priority is given to affiliated graduate students who are near completion of their dissertations.
  5. Summer Research Grants
    Available to affiliated graduate students for special research projects in the United States, including here at Berkeley. Priority given to candidates near the completion of their dissertations. The maximum amount is $3500. Please be sure to specify the nature of your research in your application.

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