Slavic and East European Courses at Berkeley

Courses, Spring 2016

Language and Select Area Studies Course Offerings


—History 101. Seminar in Historical Research and Writing for History: Early Modern Europe. MWF 3-4p. M W Dean.
—History 103B. Europe. W 2-4p. Yu Slezkine.
—History 158C. Old and New Europe, 1914 to the Present. MWF 3-4p. M W Dean.
—History 160. The International Economy of the 20th Century. MWF 12-1p. A Milivojevic.
—History 171C. The Soviet Union, 1917 to the Present. TR 330-5p. Yu Slezkine.
—History 173C. History of Eastern Europe: From 1900 to the Present. MWF 11-12p. J Connelly.

International and Area Studies (IAS)

—IAS 194. Nations and Empires in the Global 20th Century. R 4-6p. D I Beecher.

Political Economy

—Political Economy 101. Contemporary Theories of Political Economy. TR 11-1230p. D I Beecher.

Department of Political Science

—Political Science 149N. Nations, Nationalism, and Conflict in the Soviet Successor States. R 12-2p. E W Walker.

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

—Slavic R5A. In the Zone. TR 8-930a. GSI TBD.
—Slavic R5A. Encounters with Utopia. MWF 8-9a. GSI TBD.
—Slavic R5B. Strange Minds. TR 8-930a. GSI TBD.
—Slavic R5B. Representing the Russian Peasant. MWF 12-1p. GSI TBD.             
—Slavic 24. Freshman Seminar: Topic TBA. W 10-11a. R Alexander.
—Slavic 39L. Russian Short Fiction. TR 330-5p. L Golburt.
—Slavic 46. Twentieth-Century Russian Literature: The Subversive Imagination: Russian Literary Responses to the Soviet Experience and Its Aftermath. TR 330-5p. M Douzjian.
—Slavic 50. Introduction to Russian/East European/Eurasian Cultures. MWF 10-11a. D Kavitskaya.
—Armenian 124. Armenian Literature in Social Context. W 2-4p. M Douzjian.
—Slavic 134C. Dostoevsky. TR 930-11a. E Naiman.
—Slavic 138/Film and Media 160. Dziga Vertov in Context. Lecture: MW 1230-2p, Lab: W 3-6p. A Nesbet.
—Slavic 147A. East Slavic Folklore. TR 1230-2p. R Alexander.
—Slavic 161. Readings in Czech Literature. MWF 9-10a. E Langer.
—Slavic 170. Survey of Yugoslav Literatures. TR 330-5p. R Alexander.
—Slavic 190. Russian Culture Taught in Russian: Country, Identity, and Language. TR 2-330p. A Muza.

Language Courses:

—Armenian 1B. Introductory Armenian. TR 11-1230p. H Seropian.
—Armenian 101B. Continuing Armenian. TR 1230-2p. H Seropian.

—Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 27B. Introductory BCS. MTWRF 9-10a. Instructor TBD.
—Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 117B. Continuing BCS. MWF 11-12p. M Janjic.

—Czech 26B. Introductory Czech. MTWRF 9-10a. Instructor TBD.
—Czech 116B. Continuing Czech. MWF 12-1p. E Langer.

—Hungarian 1B. Introductory Hungarian. TR 11-1230p. E Szőke.
—Hungarian 100. Readings in Hungarian. TR 1-2p. E Szőke.

—Polish 25B. Introductory Polish. MTWRF 12-1p. K Zacha.
—Polish 115B. Continuing Polish. MWF 10-11a. K Zacha.

—Russian 1, Sec. 1. Elementary Russian. MTWRF 11-12p. GSI TBD.
—Russian 1, Sec. 2. Elementary Russian. MTWRF 1-2p. GSI TBD.
—Russian 2. Elementary Russian. MTWRF 11-12p. GSI TBD.
—Russian 3. Intermediate Russian. MTWRF 11-12p. GSI TBD.
—Russian 4. Intermediate Russian. MTWRF 11-12p. GSI TBD.
—Russian 6B. Introductory Russian for Heritage Speakers. MWF 11-12p. A Muza.
—Russian 103B. Advanced Russian. TR 11-1230p. A Muza.
—Russian 120B. Advanced Russian Conversation and Communication. MWF 1-2p. L Little.
—Russian 190. Russian Culture Taught in Russian: Country, Identity, and Language. TR 2-330p. A Muza.
—Russian 201. Advanced Russian Proficiency Maintenance. M 1-4p. A Muza.